CCCamp 2015

Back in August I packed my bags and headed to Berlin via Copenhagen (travel tip: weird flight routing can save you a lot of money when trying to travel from the USA to Europe at peak time in the summer). We were there for two days before hopping on a train and heading about an hour north to the camp site for Chaos Communications Camp. The tl;dr of CCCamp is that it's Burning Man meets Maker Faire for European hackers, and it happens in Germany every 4 years. And it's pretty awesome.

I volunteered on the NOC team, doing whatever was helpful, but mostly learning how they ran a 10Gbps network for 5000 nerds at an old brick making plant turned museum park. It was crazy and fun and really interesting. The community aspect, the friendliness, and the desire to share and learn throughout the camp was really impressive, and reminded me of my BarCampLA days back in 2008/2009.

While I'm not going to make the yearly congress event in Hamburg in December, it's definitely something I'd like to check out in the future. I've heard about it for a long time, and after seeing the laid-back CCCamp this summer, it seems like something that would be up my alley after all.